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* This is book two in the Velicious Series.

* Vampyre Doll needs to be read first.

*Contains Adult Content

Justice Labelle has lost too much in this war of monster and men, and it needs to stop now.

After her run-in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed, black and bloody blue, Justice is no longer going to sit by and simply accept the twisted hand, that has been dealt.

Especially since she now has superhuman powers, all thanks to her being a Doll.

Her one and only passion– To get through College and practice law at a top tier firm, is fading from her grasp and its all because of Calvin, Dante, Vampyres and the Government. In fact the government has more secrets than kids have candy… And they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt.

But you know what? Justice has come up with her own master plan and heaven help the Vampyre, monster or human that gets in her way!

“This is exciting book two in Velicious series. It is just as thrilling but even more entertaining. It is full of action and romance. I think every paranormal lover will like this series. ”

-Amazon Review

“Velicious part one and two should be read back to back, like I did. It’s a gritty and raw story with a continuous underlying story that tethers in you and pulls you along for the ride.”

-Amazon Review

“The story keeps my interest just like part one. Sexual content? Check. Drama? Check. There is a lot happening that keeps the pages flipping quickly.”

-Amazon Review

“Shelique Lize is taking the supernatural world on a ride filled with action, danger and high emotions and she is doing with bold writing, fabulous twists and unique characters!”

-Amazon Review


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